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A Few of Our Great Staff

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We have remarkable staff that work hard to provide a flexible and creative service that is focused on meeting your needs. Our staff come from many diverse backgrounds with a bottom line – “they care about the people they serve.” We feel that it is essential for our staff to feel valued and work in a position that utilizes their strengths, gifts and talents.

Laurie MacDonald
Companion Coordinator

Laurie resides in Camrose with her husband and two daughters. She has a Rehabilitation Practitioner Diploma and has worked for over 10 years with people with developmental disabilities and youth. She has been Coordinating services with Plan It Consulting for over 5 years. Laurie has served her community in various roles from driving school bus to volunteering with the Camrose Skating Club Executive and coaching soccer. Laurie loves to help people and is driven to make a difference.


Christine Ginther

I am blessed with a wonderful husband, 4 children and 3 beautiful granddaughters. I grew up in the Camrose area and currently reside on a farm east of Camrose where we raise sheep. With an education in the field of rehabilitation, I worked with people with disabilities for over 15 years before starting this business. Serving my community has always been a priority through my church, school council, playschool executive, and a variety of other organizations. My journey with my aging grandmother and raising my daughter with a disability have been my inspiration for this business. I have a passion for serving others and being able to help others do the same.

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