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Plan It Consulting was established in 2000 by Lorrie Sharkey and Christine Ginther. Their objective was to fulfill the gaps that they seen emerging in the community at that time which included supporting people to advocate for services and providing Companionship Services. In recent years, their focus expanded to  Companionship, Community Support, In Home Support and Respite Services. The service area has also grown to include Wetaskiwin, Tofield, Viking and surrounding areas.


Lorrie passed away in 2019 after many years of selfless and dedicated service. The legacy she leaves is her passion and desire to make a difference in the life of every person she met. She was a great friend and this is an evident part of Plan It Consulting Inc - Friendship and service to others! 

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News Articles Over the Years

Through Companionship, Plan It Fills Your Needs

Friendship and companionship are the two goals that owners Lorrie Sharkey and Christine Ginther of Plan It Consulting Inc. try to accomplish. Since opening in 2000, they have exceeded their goals and are now striving to ever improve.

Plan It provides companionship services to anyone in the community, regardless of reason. They are the shoulder for you to lean on in times of need and the filler of gaps which arise in the service industry.

Support Services

The staff at Plan it Consulting provide support with daily tasks like shopping, transportation, attending church and medical appointments, accessing community events, recreation and leisure events, visiting family, day trips, personal management and monitoring care. If you are unsure exactly what Plan It does and the breadth of services they provide, give them a call and they will gladly help you.


The knowledgeable and caring staff of Plan It are suited to the companionship environment, providing high quality care to all clients. They are flexible with the type of work they do and can arrange their day around what the client wants to do. With the broad range of services they provide, the staff rarely say no to an idea a client has about an event they wish to attend.


Plan It Consulting matches the personality types of their staff to the clients to ensure optimal friendship levels. Their aim is to find their client a friend and companion, not just an aid.


“I think the staff have a long term commitment to their clients,” said co-owner Christine Ginther, adding that they are there because they care about helping others and making a difference. Ginther and Sharkey work closely with the other services in the community, including facilities operated by the Bethany Group, to ensure clients are getting optimal care, leaving no gaps in the system.

“We are very client focused and flexible,” said Ginther about why their business stands out when compared to others.

Camrose Canadian article by Nicole Madu

Filling Gaps In The Community

Femininity and masculinity have no place in an honest companion relationship, only true friendship and understanding. That is the case with Plan It Consulting Inc. and their goals for providing care and support for clients around Camrose.

“Over the past eight years, we have really seen growth, diversity
and a change in the market demands,” said co-owner Christine Ginther. Ginther, along with co-owner Lorrie Sharkey have found that their business went from providing companion services to filling gaps in the service industry.

“We wanted to be there to fill the gaps for others,” said Sharkey, after realizing the lack of attention and availability she saw in the community and her personal circle of family and friends.

Plan It Consulting provides support with daily tasks like shopping, transportation, attending church and medical appointments, accessing community events, day trips and recreational activities.

Both Sharkey and Ginther agree that the secret to their success has been in their matching abilities. They match personality types, interests and availability between the client and the employee. This ensures that the employee enjoys their job and this is reflected through to the client, giving them optimal service. They provide a client focused, individualized approach to issues and are flexible in finding solutions.

“I think it’s been exciting time for us,” said Sharkey. “We have learned so much since we’re started. Along with the owners loving their work, the 17 people on staff have also developed a passion for what they do. Ginther has found that working with someone matched perfectly allows a sense of purpose to arise. “The people that work for us set us apart from other businesses,” said Ginther.

Through the staff shortage periods of the Albertan eco
nomy, Plan It has been able to retain employees and provide high quality service.

Camrose Canadian article by Nicole Madu

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